The curriculum for our coding bootcamps, has been developed by our team of software developers and designers and is based upon years of work experience in the mobile industry.


    Besides learning the required Swift coding skills, we also cover important areas around app development, such as Scrum, concept & prototype, design integration, deployment & distribution, business and strategy. Experience developing a quality iOS application from conception to App Store launch.


    Beyond daily lectures and guided workshops, there will also be inspiring presentations from successful app makers and partners.

    Week 0

    Focus: screening


    Assessments are done before the course begins in week zero. In programming most things begin with 0 and so does our course.


    Week 1

    Focus: introduction


    This week is to establish the students' level and to explain the basics of programming.


    Week 2

    Focus: iOS set up


    Introduction to iOS programming (iOS 11, Xcode 9 and Swift 4).


    Week 3 & 4

    Focus: Swift


    More iOS programming, followed by multiple tests.


    Week 5 & 6

    Focus: team app development


    First assignment to setup, develop, deliver according to deadlines. Testing, debugging and presenting the team app.


    Week 7

    Focus: product development


    Students will learn to cover the process from a project conception towards deployment in collaboration with a product owner and designer. 


    Week 8 until week 12

    Focus: develop a client app


    Students will receive a briefing and develop an app for an actual client. They will deliver on time, demo the app to the client, and publish it in the App Store.



    This 12-week iOS app development bootcamp will take place in Amsterdam. You will learn to program in Swift, learn to integrate UX design, get workshops on frameworks, backend development, Scrum and build your own apps.

    How does a bootcamp work?

    • The iOS bootcamp starts on Monday, April 30th.
    • The training is full-time from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
    • A class of max. 15-20 students.
    • The curriculum is taught in English and all teaching materials, software and tools are also in English. The App Academy provides all the necessities.
    • You'll need to bring your own MacBook.
    • You will be taught by certified teachers, carry out daily assignments, work with other students on app projects and there will be keynotes of colleagues and guest speakers for inspiration. 
    • Anyone who registers for the bootcamp will be contacted for a personal interview and, if necessary, an assessment. 

    The tuition for the bootcamp is €12.500.



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